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Tips for Keeping Scorpions Off of Your Property in Phoenix, AZ

Tips for Keeping Scorpions Off of Your Property in Phoenix, AZ

Tips for Keeping Scorpions Off of Your Property in Phoenix, AZAlthough deaths from scorpions are not common, there are still certain species in the area, such as the Arizona bark scorpion, that pack a dangerous punch. If there are scorpions on your property, it's a good idea to leave the removal process to a professional. At Core Pest Solutions, our local pest control company specializes in scorpion removal in the greater Phoenix area. But to help prevent scorpions from taking up residence on your property in the first place, there are some measures worth taking.

Ways to Keep Scorpions Away

To minimize the chances of scorpions entering your house, you'll want to seal up any gaps along your home's exterior that could provide entrance points. In particular, you should inspect areas around windows and doors. Also, scorpions sometimes get into homes via bathroom vents, so it's a good idea to add screens to these vents. It's also smart to eliminate yard clutter. By cleaning up your yard and getting rid of hiding places for scorpions, it's less likely that scorpions will subsequently make their way into your home.

Applying a pesticidal spray around your home's exterior can also be helpful with preventing scorpions from getting inside. These pesticidal sprays start to affect scorpions after about 3 to 5 days, at which point you may see scorpions engaging in abnormal behavior such as resting out in the open during daylight hours. As scorpions are nocturnal creatures, they typically will not be active during the daytime.

Also to be able to locate scorpions in dark situations, you can use black-lighting. Then, once you have confirmed that scorpions are on the premises, you can call in for professional assistance to ensure a safe removal process.

Scorpion Removal in Surprise, AZ

When you need pest removal in Surprise and the surrounding area, contact Core Pest Solutions at (623) 400-8981. We specialize in environmentally friendly pest control in Surprise, AZ. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

Posted: June 2022