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What are signs of a termite infestation?

What are signs of a termite infestation?

What are signs of a termite infestation?Termites can cause serious property damage. On average, the U.S. homeowner spends $3,000 to repair termite damage, making it very important that you take action when you first notice a sign of an infestation in your home. At Core Pest Solutions, our experienced crew provides expertise with identifying and eliminating termite infestations. Give us a call when you notice any of the following signs of termites.

Evidence of a Termite Infestation

If you notice damage to parts of your home that are built of wood, then you'll want to further investigate. There's a good chance that termites are to blame if you see long grooves in the wood. Oftentimes, such damage occurs in parts of the home that homeowners don't easily notice, such as between walls and beneath floors. When termites cause structural damage to flooring, it may become visually apparent that the floor is sagging.

Discarded termite wings are another sign of an infestation. When you see discarded termite wings in your home, you don't want to assume that the creatures are in poor health. In fact, just the opposite could be true. Discarded wings could mean that the termites have taken up residence nearby to form a new colony. When you see termite wings in your home, it's wise to call in a pest control technician to inspect the matter.

If you suspect that termites are on your property, it's also worth checking your home's exterior for evidence. Oftentimes, termites leave behind little dirt trails as they move between outdoor wooden surfaces, such as railings. Another sign of an infestation is that there are pencil-sized mud tubes in the area where your house meets the ground. These tubes help termites with maintaining the high humidity that they prefer in their colonies.

Termite Control in Surprise, AZ

When you need termite removal in Surprise and the surrounding area, contact Core Pest Solutions at (623) 400-8981. We specialize in environmentally-friendly pest control in Surprise, AZ. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

Posted: October 2021