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What can I do to keep mosquitos away?

What can I do to keep mosquitos away?

What can I do to keep mosquitos away?Mosquitos cause around a million deaths per year by spreading diseases. And while the mosquitos on your property might not be spreading deadly diseases, they are still extremely obnoxious and may even ruin your outdoor party. While bug spray can help to protect you from mosquito bites, it isn't 100% effective. Fortunately, there are other measures you can also take to help keep mosquitoes away. At Core Pest Solutions, we offer mosquito fogging in the greater Phoenix area. Here are four helpful tips for deterring mosquitoes.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Because mosquitoes use standing water for reproducing, it's important that such water sources are removed if possible. In particular, your gutters may accumulate standing water if they're clogged up with leaves. Even very small pockets of standing water can lead to major mosquito reproduction.


Using fans can be helpful in a couple of ways. For one, when you breathe out, mosquitoes can detect the carbon dioxide that you exhale, which will draw them toward you. With a fan, the carbon dioxide will be dispersed faster. Also, mosquitoes struggle to fly well in a breeze and may try to avoid it. You can also align your fan with a diffuser that is releasing mosquito repellent. Geraniol, which is used in citronella oil, can be used with a diffuser and fan to help keep mosquitoes away.

Yard Maintenance

Cool, shady areas are attractive to mosquitoes. By keeping grass mowed and shrubs pruned, mosquitoes will find your property a little less appealing.


If you get a lot of mosquitoes in your patio area, you could look into screening it in. When you're trying to relax in your outdoor space, screens can make your time more enjoyable by keeping out mosquitoes as well as other bugs.

Pest Control in Surprise, AZ

At Core Pest Solutions, we can alleviate your mosquito problem. When you need pest removal in Surprise and the surrounding area, contact Core Pest Solutions at (623) 400-8981. We specialize in environmentally-friendly pest control in Surprise, AZ. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

Posted: May 2022